Maintenance / Care

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There are certain things that should never be attempted after your cultured marble product is installed

Regular cleaning with generally available non-abrasive liquid or foam cleaners is all that is needed to maintain the beauty of our products. Just using a squeegee on shower walls after each shower keeps the walls spotless! If you'd like, try some of the newest products on the market, such as Clorox Bathroom Cleaner with Teflon® or Tilex Fresh Shower Daily Shower Cleaner®. Be sure you read and follow the manufacturer application directions carefully. After the product has been cleaned throughly, apply a small amount of Pledge® furniture polish, or comparable product. The wax will help to deflect water and keep your cultured marble cleaner, longer.

To remove soap scum use Tilex Soap Scum Remover™. Hard water build-up comes clean with a mild solution of vinegar and water. Very difficult stains can be treated with most lime and rust stain removers. Be sure to rinse the cultured marble well after using any of these cleaning products.

A whirlpool tub used on a regular basis helps prevent buildup in the water lines. Mineral baths and oils are not recommended. Use a spa and tub cleaner periodically to prevent residue in the system. This product is available at spa and pool companies. Follow the instructions for cleaning whirlpool tubs.

Shower floors can be cleaned with any of the nonabrasive cleaners: spray and leave on for five minutes, then scrub with a soft-bristled brush to remove soap residue. Rinse thoroughly.

Polish your vanity top and/or shower walls at regular intervals with a Pledge® furniture polish, or comparable product. This will maintain the lustrous finish and make your product even easier to clean.

Minor surface scratches and minor cigarette burns may be wet sanded with 600-grit sandpaper and polished with the polishing compound and an industrial type buffer (minimum 2000 RPM). Occasionally it is possible your cultured marble product may become deeply scratched or chipped. Cultured marble is a product that can easily be repaired to its original condition. A professional repair company should repair a deep scratch or chip.

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